DVASE Young Members Group

About DVASE Young Members Group (DVASE YMG)

A Young Members Group (YMG) compliments its member organization (DVASE) and provides a blended community for young structural engineers with less than 10 years of licensed experience.

DVASE YMG intends to serve our fellow young DVASE members and other young structural engineers by assisting them as they build their careers in the field of Structural Engineering. DAVSE YMG's initial focus will be to offer technical training, networking and community outreach opportunities to its members.

The YMG is will hold social events, technical seminars, community outreach events, and construction site tours that are independent of the seminars and events offered by DVASE.

  • Connect young engineers and facilitate the exchange of technical information and 'lessons learned' among the members.
  • Facilitate the development of leadership and management skills of young engineers through mentorship programs.
  • Encourage and facilitate the involvement of young engineers in community and social outreach programs.
2017-2018 Key Members

YMG Chair
Ramtin Saneekhatam, P.E. - Orndorf & Associates

YMG Records Keeper
Laura Ryan, P.E. - Keast & Hood Co.

YMG Community Action Coordinator
Leah DeBenedictis, E.I.T. - Keast & Hood Co.

YMG Continuing Education Coordinator
Nissan Ching, E.I.T. - Jacobs

YMG DVASE Board Advisor
Tony Varano, P.E., S.E.



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Join Us

We invite all E.I.T.s and P.E.s with less than 10 years of licensed experience to join and become actively involved in this group. Feel free to contact Ramtin Saneekhatam P.E. at ramtin@orndorf.com if you are interested, or call the DVASE office at 215-628-9844 x104.