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Half Day Seminar Scheduled for 4/8/20 at the Federal Reserve Bank Building has been POSTPONED

Date: Apr 08, 2020


Building and Related Foundations in Accordance with the 2015/2018 IBC

Course Description:

Some software programs and design guides, including those developed by the author of this course, have been created for structural engineers as an aid for detailing building foundations. On the other hand, there has been a recognized disconnect between the geotechnical engineer and the structural engineer on many projects and working with a geotechnical engineering report could easily be a course topic of its own. Finally, there have been significant changes to codes that affect the way foundation systems must now be designed and analyzed. All of this makes a publication full of example problems on practical foundation design that reflects the latest code requirements and discussion on where things are going extremely valuable.  

Some publication topics include:

- Working with a geotechnical engineering report
- Shallow foundation analysis, design, and detailing (including seismic) - reinforced concrete footings
- Deep foundation analysis, design, and detailing (including seismic) - augercast, piles. etc.
- Retaining wall analysis, design, and detailing (including seismic)
- Sheet pile wall analysis, design, and detailing
- Can the structure handle provided settlement? (including liquefaction considerations)
- Accounting for or not accounting for group effects (vertical and lateral considerations)
- Pile caps
- Connections to pile caps
- Performance based design of foundation systems
- Modeling foundations in combination with lateral force resisting systems
- Pole, sign, and similar structures foundations

Dr. Timothy W. Mays, P.E. has completed his new publication titled Solved Problems in Foundation Design.  It is based on his experience in foundation design, research, and code development and addresses many of the issues brought to him by structural engineering colleagues.

Course hours are approved for all states including FL and NY through the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations.  All attendees will receive one copy of Solved Problems in Foundation Design ($99 anticipated cover price).  If you want a better understanding of foundation modeling, design, and detailing and an update of what is changing and why, you don't want to miss this opportunity. 

* At Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Boehne Auditorium, 100 North 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

* 7:30 AM Registration and Breakfast 

* 4.0 Professional Development Hours (approved for all States)

* Presented by Timothy Wayne Mays, Ph.D., P.E.

* Early Bird - Register and Pay by March 26th:

$180 - DVASE Members
$210 - Non-Members

* Beginning March 27th:

$200 - DVASE Members
$230 - Non-Members

* Discounts available for firms sending more than 2 attendees.
(Registration fee is $150 per person for additional attendees.)

The Textbook (Solved Problems in Foundation Design) is included in the registration fees shown above.

We will accept credit card payments through PayPal as well as check payments for your convenience.

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